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Certified Course in Community Orcharding 

10:00, Saturday 20th May
16:00, Saturday 10th March
Venues: A range of community managed orchards, from young to veterans, community food projects.
N1 9QZ (map)
Training course


Come on our exciting new, accredited course and learn everything you need to know about managing community orchards from The Orchard Project's team of experienced orchardists. The course takes place on 12 weekend days over a year, giving you the best opportunity to learn a wide range of seasonally appropriate skills to help you create incredible, thriving community orchards.

You'll gain a detailed understanding of trees, learning how plant, prune and propagate them as well as identify them throughout the year. You'll also learn about soil, pests and diseases, biodiversity and how to work effectively in groups. In addition, you'll take specialist classes in areas that interest you the most, such as orchard design, veteran tree management and apple identification.

Limited spaces. Full details here:

Certified Course in Community Orcharding



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