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Permaculture & Islam: Being Contemplative Changemakers: A 2-day Intro (London) 

10:00, Saturday 13th May
18:00, Saturday 20th May
London | Brent
Sufra NW London, 160 Pitfield Way, Stonebridge, London, NW10 0PW NW10 0PW (map)
Training course | Workshop



Feeling Powerless about the state of the world? Then this course is for you…

Ecological destruction… Power hierarchies.. Polarised Communities.. Nature disconnection .. A yearning for the emergence of something new..

A Course for Muslims, Sufis, and anyone looking for an Applied Spirituality relevant to our times. (PS You don't have to identify as 'Muslim', but it helps to be interested in an 'applied spirituality' or 'spiritual activism').

While the challenges we face may be many, there are holistic, solution-based approaches that offer hope and practical ways forward.

On this course you will learn approaches that welcome diversity, connect you with people & the wider natural world, and introduce you to a solution-focused design method for regenerating the earth & communities which can be applied to whatever scale of challenge you face.

We intend that by the end of this course you will:

  1. Have an understanding of basic permaculture tools, principles and ethics.
  2. Understand how permaculture can be used to design holistic, resilient land-based and social projects.
  3. Have experience of slowing down & silence as well as being a ‘Witness to Nature’ – recognising its importance in an applied spirituality.
  4. Take home ways of working consciously with diversity & power to help restore wholeness to our groups.
  5. Be enriched and inspired by fellow travellers at the exciting intersection of Permaculture, Conscious Group Work and Engaged Spirituality.

Course Facilitators:

Muzammal Hussain (Permaculture Designer, Trainer, Therapist)
Shumaisa Khan (Permaculture Designer & Educator)

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(Advance Bookings ONLY).

Permaculture & Islam: Being Contemplative Changemakers: A 2-day Intro (London)

London | Brent