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Bristol Open Doors Day - Mock'a'Maze! 

9:00, Saturday 9th September
17:00, Saturday 9th September
South West | Bristol
The park is Brixham Road Open Space, on Malago Greenway, the stretch between Marksbury Road and Parson Street/Lynton Road.
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Festival / Fair


This city wide event will embrace our project too. We will make a mock maze, marking the maze in the same time on it's actual spot. We will use bamboo canes instead of wooden posts, twine instead of wire, paper signs on kebab sticks instead of plants , cardboard boxes instead of planters, chairs instead of benches (unless we manage to install them when the cement slab is being repaired), chalk design instead of paint design on the slab. Stall with tea & berry cakes. We need volunteers to help us mark the maze and man the stall or even make some berry themed cakes.
Find us at [email protected]

Bristol Open Doors Day - Mock'a'Maze!

South West | Bristol