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Wild Child 

11:00, Friday 18th August
16:00, Friday 18th August
North West | Merseyside | St. Helens
This is a ticketed event and tickets can be obtained at: PLEASE MAKE A NOTE OF THE FOLLOWING VITAL INFORMATION: Please note this event is entirely OUTDOORS so the following is useful packed in a back pack - spare/extra clothes are imperative, especially here in the UK where the temperature can drop 10 degrees from one day to the next even in the summer, which can make everyone feel the cold, whilst there are different shelters depending on the weather lots of layers including gloves and a hat are strongly recommended just in case! Suncream, sun hat, insect repellant is also vital as there are lots of bugs including horse flies at Fir Tree Farm. A huge lunch as being outdoors all day is hungry work. Also wellies, children are attracted to water and mud like bees to honey even on the driest days we've managed to find and explore little streams, without wellies this would be impossible. You will be required to complete a medical form upon arrival. If you would like to complete it at your leisure please email [email protected] to request an electronic copy beforehand. Drop off point: as you drive into the entrance at Fir Tree Farm you will see a farm track up to the left, with a grass verge on the left hand side of it and a hedge to the right, the drop off point is up that track by my car with little ace forest school signs on.
Fir Tree Farm, Pimbo Lane, King's Moss WA11 8RG (map)


Is your child a wild child? Are they keen on the outdoors? Practical or looking to become more practical? Are they your littlee eco-warrior? And want to know more about becoming the next Ray Mears, David Attenborough, Jane Goodall? Then this maybe for them....

The day is mainly child led with aspects of adult led activities. They range from and include nature and identification, games, fire lighting and safe tool use, shelter building, knots and roasting marshmallows or popcorn making, elements of first aid and keeping yourself safe outdoors.

It is strongly advised that several sessions are booked and numbers are kept deliberately low so that children benefit fully from their experience.

Wild Child

North West | Merseyside | St. Helens