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Funding - getting it, using it, and making do without it 

10:30, Saturday 25th November
18:00, Saturday 25th November
West Midlands | Birmingham
The Studio, 7 Cannon Street B2 5EP (map)
Networking event


Catch the Funding - getting it, using it, and making do without it event hosted by the fantastic Eden Project Communities on Saturday 25th November in Birmingham.

We are proud to announce that Project Dirt are getting involved in the group led discussions, with the topic:

Collaborating with corporates - how, why, when.

Whether you’ve been inspired to start something new after holding a Big Lunch, or your project has been running for years and you need an injection of money, funding will always be a key part of making your ideas become reality.

This free event is a chance to network, share skills and experiences, ask questions and find answers how to make the most of the current funding world and take your project or idea to the next level.

For more information and for tickets click here.

psst - we have 5 tickets set aside for us for this TOTALLY booked up event from our good friends at Eden Project Communities! Get in touch if you would like to bagsy one! [email protected]

Funding - getting it, using it, and making do without it

West Midlands | Birmingham


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