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Workshop: No-dig gardening and building healthy, living soil 

9:30, Saturday 17th February
13:00, Saturday 17th February
North West | Cheshire | Warrington
The workshop will take place in the education room, just behind the Victorian greenhouse. We may also spend some time outside. Please bring suitable clothing.
Grappenhall Heys Walled Garden, Witherwin Avenue, Grappenhall, South Warrington WA4 3DS WA4 3DS (map)
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How to show your soil you love it.

Healthy soil is bursting with life. Nurturing that life in the right way can mean healthy plants, good yields and fewer pests and diseases. It also means you’ll be helping to keep the soil rich for future generations.

In this session you will,

  • Find out about the extraordinary life living in your soil. Discover the role different soil microbes play together in building the fertility of soil and the health and vitality of plants.
  • Learn some effective techniques for building a healthy mix of life in your own soil, including how and why to do “no-dig” gardening, how to use green manures and why and how to mulch.
  • And learn how to make good compost and create "compost teas".

The session will be a mix of teaching and hands-on activity. Open and relevant to anyone interested in gardening and food growing, including beginner gardeners.

Workshop: No-dig gardening and building healthy, living soil

North West | Cheshire | Warrington


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