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A simple introduction to permaculture 

9:30, Saturday 17th March
13:30, Saturday 17th March
North West | Cheshire | Warrington
The event will take place in the classroom.
Grappenhall Heys Walled Garden Witherwin Avenue Grappenhall Warrington WA4 3DS (map)
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Permaculture is a design approach that uses the patterns found in nature as a guide for creating sustainable, productive systems in harmony with the planet.

It is used across the world on land from gardens to entire, full-scale farms or whole communities, to design in a way that is informed by what nature has already worked out.

By mimicking and being inspired by the methods and interactions that occur naturally, permaculture allows us to produce beautiful spaces and abundant food in ways that use no chemicals, create healthy, living spaces and minimiseour impact on the planet.

In this one-day introductory session, you will

  • Find out what permaculture is and why it exists
  • Learn about the principles that guide the approach
  • Find out about permaculture design
  • Explore how to apply the approach in your own patch

The session will involve a mix of teaching, discussion and some outdoor observation. It will be mainly classroom-based. No prior knowledge is needed as this is designed as an introductory day for those with little or no knowledge on the subject. Some gardening experience will help but is not necessary.

Tea and coffee and biscuits will be on-hand and there is also a fantastic cafe on-site.


A simple introduction to permaculture

North West | Cheshire | Warrington


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