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Permaculture polycultures: Getting more from your plot 

18:00, Tuesday 28th August
20:30, Tuesday 28th August
London | Camden | Camden Town
2 Regent's Park Road
Cecil Sharp House NW1 7AY (map)
Training course


Come and find out how incorporating simple polyculture designs into annual growing plans can increase overall yield and variety, help improve soil structure and moisture retention, build fertile soil, attract pollinators and insect pest predators while increasing wildlife habitats. Going beyond traditional companion planting, this workshop will explain how to use permaculture guilds to create plant alliances among species with different niches above and below ground, in which each plant contributes to the benefit of all. It will include information about how to integrate unusual edible perennials with more common annuals. Suitable for all levels of experience.

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Permaculture polycultures: Getting more from your plot

London | Camden | Camden Town