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Canal Foraging Walk! 

10:30, Sunday 15th July
12:00, Sunday 15th July
North West | Merseyside | Litherland
The is a swing bridge on the canal just up from the pub. Meet around by the bridge. (Its also by the house, the fly over tunnel and a sloped path)
121 Bridge Rd, Litherland, Liverpool L21 2PB (map)
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Interested in the natural wildlife around the UK and want to find out more?

So much knowledge has been lost since the industrial revolution, that I plan to share it all back. Long before Tesco's and the like, people in the UK would forage for food as well as grow it and use plants for healing and in their day to day life. But, these days if it isn't sold in a supermarket, people will be put off my plants that you can eat. 

Come along to an informal walk along the canal looking for wild edibles.  Walk will hosted buy a local foraging expert and will last around 1.5 hours.

You'll find out how to identify common edible plants. learn their common plant names and unearth any medicinal uses they may have, ill also teach which plants to avoid and what plants you can eat while your out!

Canal Foraging Walk!

North West | Merseyside | Litherland


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