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Refill London in Haringey - Tackling Plastic Pollution 

14:30, Wednesday 1st August
17:30, Wednesday 1st August
London | Haringey
N22 8HQ (map)


Did you know…

In the UK alone, it is estimated that 800 plastic bottles per MINUTE end up in landfill or as litter.

Plastic pollution is damaging the health of our oceans. From plankton to pilot whales, algae to albatross ― no ocean life remains free from the effects of plastic waste … it’s even found in the seafood we eat.

Love our oceans and hate the plastic pollution that goes in them? Join the #RefillLondon revolution!

We are holding an Action Day in Haringey, London, to tackle the issue on an impactful, grass roots level. The event is only 3 hours long OR as long as you can spare!

What's an Action Day?

It's super simple. An Action Day is where we approach and empower businesses of all kinds to offer free tap water refills to people on the go.

When the business joins the movement (we already have over 2000 businesses join us since March 2018 in London alone!) we add them to the Refill app and place a Refill London sticker in their window so thirsty passers-by know they are welcome in to top up their reusable bottles.

There will be a short, informal training session before we head out and we pair you up (or you can go alone if you prefer) and head out to get Reflling!

Let's celebrate our world class tap water one refill at a time! Each refill means at least one less single-use plastic bottle being bought, thrown away and potentially reaching our oceans.


For more information and other ways to get involved email our friendly London Coordinator, Nadine - [email protected]

Refill London in Haringey - Tackling Plastic Pollution

London | Haringey