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Welcome to the DCH cluster!

Posted by James A. Baker on September 2, 2016

DCH are the largest social housing provider in the South West, with around 23,000 homes across Devon and Cornwall.DCH is keen to support individuals and communities throughout Cornwall and Devon that will make a positive difference to their neighbourhoods.The DCH cluster brings together all groups, organisations, projects and individuals across Devon and Cornwall. This cluster will allow ... Continue reading »


A network of diverse community projects supported by DCH and/or based in Devon and Cornwall

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Bikes For Kids

Ride On Cycling For All is getting more people riding more often by providing access to safe affordable bicycles and supporting those families with training and back up to ensure they keep the wheels turning.Owning a bike as a child is a right of passage and no child in the 21st century should miss that opportunity.We get our second hand bikes from the generosity of our local community who donate their unwanted bikes to us.Our team of local volunteers and staff then spend many hours ensuring we refurbish them to an industry recognised standard ready for use again by children and adults who need an affordable bike.Ride On loans fully serviced refurbished bicycles into primary and secondary schools for Bikeability Training Courses to ensure no child misses out on the opportunity of this free 10 hour course.Once the course is completed those children borrowing a Ride On bike can then access that bike for a very small fee to ensure they benefit from the freedom, health benefits and mental wellbeing owning their very ownbicycle can bring.In 2012 we helped 14 children, in 2015 helped 230 children and 2016 continues to challenge us with demand out stripping supply.We have created a fantastic problem which we need your help to overcome.Our challenge is that we know that, in order to support children that currently go without access to an affordable bike, our supply of second hand bikes will not keep up with the demand we have created.This summer we have had to dissapoint many familiies and our current waiting list suggests we need to find an additional 40 or more bikes to be made ready for early spring 2017. These would be 20" and 24" wheel bikes for ages 10 to 12 who are children targeted to receive the Bikeability Training our instructors deliver in the local schoolsWe have come up with an innovative solution which we would like you to help us deliverRide On can source the 40 bikes we need by buying brand new 20" and 24" children's bikes at a vastly reduced price c£100 to normal retail prices through our cycle partners.Scheme 1 - for low income familiesA brand new bike can be "leased" for just £5 per month for 12 months and come complete with full support and training from the Ride On team. This ensures Ride On retain control of the bike and on its return can ensure the child has the opportunity to upgrade to a youth size bike from our affordable fully serviced refurbished stock. These bikes normally priced at between £55 and £75.At the end of the lease period the bike is returned to us for refurbishment and the bike can be leased again to another child in need.Scheme 2 A brand new bike can be "hired" for £100 for 12 months. This would be half the normal retail price in the shops AND would come complete with full support and training from the Ride On team. This ensures Ride On retain control of the bike and on its return can ensure it is refurbished ready to be hired, or leased, again to another child in need.The child returning the "hire" bike has the opportunity to upgrade to a youth size bike from our affordable fully serviced refurbished stock and will receive £20 towards the cost of that bike.These bikes normally priced at between £55 and £75.Our mechanics estimate that each of these bikes could easily last five years if they are returned for refurbishment each year.That means your support for this project would see 200 children gaining access to affordable safe bikes at a cost of just £25 per child!Why this project?affordabledriven by an already successful charityequitablevery sustainableinclusivedelivers road safety instructionandenthusiastic children encourage families to ride together which:reduces traffic in the local communityimproves the health and mental wellbeing of each personenables and grows confidencecreates greater freedom of choice for the childopens doors to other cycling related experiencesWhy not donate via our webpage?We have MANY more services and outreach projects currently creating a better future for our community, please have a look at our website for inspiration!

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How to get involved in the #first500 campaign

Good to hear you're looking to find out how you can be a part of the #first500 campaign!  We are hopeful over the next 4 weeks this will snowball (excuse the seasonal pun) and more companies will want to contribute to building the pot, meaning more goals will get backed.  On top of creating real impact locally this will mean we generate some fantastic good-news stories to be shared with companies and their staff in the damp and dark early months of 2017 when, let's face it, we could do with some positive vibes.  - To view a full summary of the #first500 proposal to companies, click here.  - We've currently had some early support from our super-friendly existing clients taking us to £5K, but we're hoping we can rally the troops and raise a lot more. - Funding will only be distributed to groups that operate in locations where the current #first500 funders have offices or an interest. So far those areas are; London, Leeds, Sheffield, Stafford, Manchester and Edinburgh.  We know that's only the start and there's a lot more of the UK to cover, so we're calling out for funders from other areas of the UK to come on board and join in so more areas are open to receive support.  See the map below showing current locations of our #first500 Funders: - If you are a company and would like to donate, firstly that's awesome and secondly please click here to let us know, we'll then follow up directly. Alternatively you can call us on 07769 186120. -




Outdoor Cinema Night - Brown Willy

20:30, Saturday 29th April

Hosted by: Lyn Trewella

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