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Want to be featured on Community Channel?

Posted by Nadine Aljandali on November 16, 2017

We're celebrating #LocalCharitiesDay together with Community Channel. What is Local Charities Day? Local Charities Day takes place on 15 December 2017. Led by the Office for Civil Society, the day will celebrate and shine a spotlight on the work of small local charities and community groups. The day will provide local charities with a platform to promote the fantastic ... Continue reading »


A network of community projects based around the theme of Food

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Audacious Veg

Audacious Veg is a bold new social enterprise creating training & employment opportunities for local young adults through urban agriculture.Our socially responsible business model addresses the need for skills and employment in northeast London, while meeting a growing demand for local food. Young adult trainees at Audacious Veg will grow delicious and sustainably produced food for London restaurants, while earning London Living Wage and accessing skills that will help them find employment after the traineeship.

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The Hub has a new entrance

Following the success of the Horticultural Hub's open evening, it was time to get down to business and open our doors to welcome in the community. To start things off, we had our first Ageactivity 60+ Gardening Club session, which was a huge success. Our first meeting was an opportunity for attendees to introduce themselves to one another, and talk about their expectations and what they'd like to achieve within the group. The green fingers came out in the second half of the session, where our attendees got the chance to plant window boxes and pots. One attendee said, "I love gardening, and I am so pleased to be able to interact with people who share this interest. I'm looking forward to coming every week now." Since our first meeting, the Gardening Club has grown in popularity with more people turning up.Nick, one of our regular volunteers, has been helping us cut the grass and shredding up leaves with the lawnmower to keep our gardens looking pristine in the colder months. Nick says, "Volunteering at Castlehaven gives me something to do and the opportunity to socialise with people in the local community." Alan, another regular volunteer, continually helps us with litter picking around our open spaces. The support and commitment we get from our volunteers is fantastic, and we couldn’t do without them.Eddie has been hard at work putting up fence panels around the new entrance gate to the Horticultural Hub -- ready to attach the trellis.One group of volunteers have been busy planting hanging baskets in our greenhouse for the last couple of sessions, and always finish up by rewarding themselves with a hot cup of tea and biscuits. Now, that’s the life, ey!MVF Global has been coming down to Castlehaven for the past three weeks to help us out in the gardens with leaf clearing and weeding. We'd like to thank them for all their amazing support and commitment to our organisation.Camden has got such a great community spirit, and we are so grateful to the community and local organisations for coming along to Castlehaven regularly to help us out. 




Help Plant & Maintain a Community Orchard

13:00, Tuesday 7th March

Hosted by: Flora Gordon

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