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Posted by Justine Massingham on March 3, 2017

It's fantastic to see all these projects developing and all the hard work and the impact that this is having across communities.  Congratulations to Lower Regents Coalition on the valuable contribution your Meadow Project will have and good luck to the Year of the River Yeo with their creative writing and storytelling event this month!      Continue reading »


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The Year of the Yeo

Celebrate and get to know your local river for a whole year! This 12 month celebration invites the community to explore, experience and improve their river. With 11 exciting monthly events culminating in a community river festival in the twelfth month, the year opens up the river to all. Whether you like to get your hands dirty, become a river scientist, learn what lives in and around your river or to draw or write about your river, the Year of the Yeo is for you. There are opportunities to learn new skills, meet people and have lots of fun along the way...Partly funded by Greggs Foundation and developed by the Westcountry Rivers Trust this project aims to bring the river to life.

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Meadow Planting is Sorted!

There were times when we never thought we would get to this point, but we have just about completed our Meadow Project!  We recently held two volunteer days to plant up both the meadows we have created on either side of the Regents Canal in east London, totaling approximately 300 sq metres of new, more ecologically sustainable green space.  With the help of an amazing set of volunteers and Ken Greenway, Manager at Tower Hamlets Cemetery Park, we planted approximately 200 wildflower plugs and sowed wildflower seeds.  We also planted 6 silver birch whips, 3 on each side.  All of our plants are native to Great Britain and are edible and/or medicinal.  A partial list: Hawkweed, Marjoram, Coltsfoot, Oxeye Daisies and Lady's Bedstraw (the name is our personal favourite).  They will bloom at various times throughout the season, seed themselves and/or spread via their roots and be great for a variety of insects and pollinators.  We can't wait to see the results.  We want to thank the Tower Hill Trust and the Greggs Foundation for funding this project - you have helped us bring biodiversity and beauty to our community.




Scotswood Garden Blossom Day

11:00, Saturday 20th May

Hosted by: Farah Kurji

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