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The Regent's Place Community Fund is now open!

Posted by James A. Baker on May 30, 2018

This year Project Dirt have joined forces with Regent's Place to help coordinate the  Regent's Place Community Fund! The Regent's Place Community Fund is an exciting initiative led by a number of businesses based at Regent's Place in West Euston. Businesses contribute funding and come together to share insight, resources, expertise and opportunities to support smaller ... Continue reading »


A network of community projects located in the London borough of Islington

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Sunnyside Community Gardens

Welcome to Sunnyside Community Gardens. We are the community gardens in the Archway area of Islington, run by the community. We specialise in therapeutic horticulture for people with physical and mental disabilities, but the gardens are open for all to use and enjoy.The gardening is done by a dedicated band of volunteers, and new recruits are always welcome. We also maintain the Peace Garden in nearby Elthorne Park.

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Summer Solstice Picnic

Thursday the 21st of June marked the longest day of summer and to celebrate the season as well as all the hard work our volunteers have been doing over the course of the year, green gym hosted a picnic in Regent's Park. Luckily for us it was a bright day with a nice breeze, the perfect weather for some thistle pulling and a picnic. The picnic was wonderful with volunteers bringing there favourite snacks and treats, including some home made goodies as well as some lovely treats from Brazil. It was a great day having pulled plenty of thistles, and eaten plenty of picnic food.




Social Media Training - London

11:00, Thursday 10th May

Hosted by: Talk Action

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