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How to get involved in the #first500 campaign

Posted by James Dowdell on December 1, 2016

Good to hear you're looking to find out how you can be a part of the #first500 campaign!  We are hopeful over the next 4 weeks this will snowball (excuse the seasonal pun) and more companies will want to contribute to building the pot, meaning more goals will get backed.  On top of creating real impact locally this will ... Continue reading »


A network of community projects located in Liverpool

Type: Geographical
Powered by: Project Dirt
Social handle: @LivpoolDirters


Community RePaint Wirral

A project which accepts donations of all good quality surplus, end of line, mis-tints or dented paint for example from trade retailers, businesses and individuals and makes them available to community projects, charities and individuals on low income etc. The scheme reduces costs for disposal and allows individuals and groups to access paint that they would otherwise be unable to afford. Our paint is typically made available at £1 per litre which is put towards the ongoing running of the scheme.This is one of over 70 such schemes which operates nationally and more information can be found at

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Community wildlife garden

We have created a community wildlife garden within our parks thanks to Greggs foundation grant.The area was over grown and abandoned many years ago but along with our community volunteers we have made a brand new area in the park for both wildlife and children to enjoy.It took months of clearing the site and making it safe. We had to clear brambles and nettles, digging out roots as big as our feet! It took over 8 tons of green waste and two tons of sod removal.After this major work we then tackled the trees and started our planting. Everyone loved planting the flowers and seeds and then we started to put together our wildlife homes. Including-Large bugs hotelThree smaller bugs hotelsThree bird boxesButterfly nesting boxTree branches for the insectsBird bath and feeders We then put in the environmental friendly items for the children including-Tree stump seatingMud kitchenPlant pot shelving We have held several events now opening up the area to the local children and visitors. They have put together the big bugs hotel and have done lots of planting.




Community Conversations - Liverpool

13:30, Monday 16th October

Hosted by: Jack Risa

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