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How to get involved in the #first500 campaign

Posted by James Dowdell on December 1, 2016

Good to hear you're looking to find out how you can be a part of the #first500 campaign!  We are hopeful over the next 4 weeks this will snowball (excuse the seasonal pun) and more companies will want to contribute to building the pot, meaning more goals will get backed.  On top of creating real impact locally this will ... Continue reading »


A network of community projects located in Liverpool

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A Haven of Greenspace

A Haven of Greenspace will bring psychotherapeutic horticulture to three schools in the Kensington area of Liverpool. Delivered by The Haven Project in partnership with Sowing Success, this project will use therapeutic horticulture with children and young people aged 9 to 14 in need of extra support.  Meeting once a month for six months groups at each of the three participating schools will work on an identified plot of land, transforming it into “a Haven of Greenspace”.  The aim is to create a space within the school environment where the children and young people can explore the natural environment and connections to staying healthy in mind and body. Through evaluation of this project by The University of Liverpool, these groups will form the foundation of a Best Practice Guide to delivering psychotherapeutic horticultural groups in Primary and Secondary Schools.

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Liverpool chosen to help lead a healthy, local food revolution!

Liverpool has been selected as one of just six cities in the UK to lead the way in improving food culture and receive support to become a Sustainable Food City.  The Sustainable Food Cities aim to make healthy and sustainable food a defining characteristic of a city, and use good food to address some of today’s most pressing social, economic and environmental problems including obesity, food poverty and climate change. After an intensive six month preparation phase, Liverpool has been selected from a shortlist of over 12 pioneering cities to receive funding that will set it on its way to becoming a Sustainable Food City. The funding will allow a dedicated Sustainable Food City officer to work with the co-ordinating network, the Liverpool Food Alliance. The Liverpool Food Alliance brings together local businesses, social enterprises, community groups, charities and schools with the city’s big agencies to transform access to local, affordable and sustainable food with people across the city region. Clare Owens, Co-Director of Squash Nutrition, who are supporting the project, said: “It’s fantastic that Liverpool have been successful with the Sustainable Food Cities bid. "Food is a true connector that brings people, businesses and opportunities together. Liverpool City Region has the benefit of great growing land and urban farmers, inspirational community programmes and visionary food businesses. "We also struggle with making healthy food the easy and affordable choice and getting local supply chains in place. That’s what we want to address with this programme and we hope to keep bringing more and more people on board." Liverpool is now a founding member of the rapidly growing Sustainable Food Cities Network and will receive the funding along with Belfast, Bournemouth, Cardiff, Liverpool, Newcastle and Stockport. 




Make your own plants

10:00, Wednesday 5th April

Hosted by: Tomas Remiarz

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Make your own plants

North West | Merseyside | Liverpool

You will learn to identify a number of wild and cultivated plants. Basic plant theory will ...