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A network of active London-based community gardening projects supported by Make Grow Do local to Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park

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Made In Hackney - Local Food Kitchen

Made In Hackney is a community kitchen that delivers fun, supportive, and often life changing healthy cookery courses.The healthy eating programme has a focus in promoting and educating people in all aspects of local food culture and sustainable food growing and cookery. Our classes aim to re-skill Londoners with lost-art food processing skills and reconnect them to sources of locally grown food in a way that's fun, inspiring and accessible. We work with local charities, community organisations, housing associations and support groups to ensure our courses are offered to people most in need such as low income families, children in care, teen carers, young people excluded from school, parents and children, and people suffering from diet related health problems.We also offer free training and competitive hire rates to local food start-ups, run an Apprentice and Volunteer Programme for people to help with the project and offer Team Building Days for companies and their staff to enjoy a day out of the office learning to cook delicious new recipes in a fun team building environment. We won Best Educator Award in the Urban Food Awards in 2014.

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Mobile Garden City 21st April 2017 Market Garden Session

Today we prepared six beds for planting and learned about Phacelia from our Lead Gardener, Sean Gifford of Urban Sky Farmers. We broke up some of the Phacelia and dug it in as green manure, along with organic compost. I felt sad for the Mobile City bees, who had been enjoying its flowers. Sean appears in the headline picture, with the surviving Phacelia.Phacelia is a quick growing hardy annual green manure that germinates at low temperatures and can be sown from March until September. When planted in bare soil between crops, it prevents nitrates leaching into waterways, grows up to 1m in height and tolerates cold. In the Mobile Garden it has over-wintered. It suits most soil types but is particularly good in dry ones, so it grows successfully in our raised beds.Phacelia has beautiful scented purple/blue flowers with dense fern-like foliage. It smothers weeds and has an extensive root system that improves the soil structure. It self-seeds very easily, so if it is used as a green manure, dig it in before flowering or cut down and compost the foliage. It flowers from 6-8 weeks from sowing for a period of 6-8 weeks.Phacelia is listed as one of the top 20 honey-producing flowers for honeybees and is very attractive to hoverflies, which eat a lot of aphids, as well as bumblebees. A small patch can be left to flower, especially near to vegetables, to attract pollinating insects to the area, but don't have too many as the insects will feed on the Phacelia rather than the veg. It also makes an excellent cut flower and has a long vase-life with strong stems.Phacelia is part of the Hydrophyllaceae family, so it fits into any bed in a crop rotation plan.

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