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Offline Festival: Officially Launched!

Posted by Melanie Vella on March 1, 2017

Some of you have heard our exciting news, and now we can finally announce it officially.. On 15-17th September we’re taking our online network and going Offline for a weekend of connections, collaboration and creativity.Offline Festival is an ‘unconference’ in the countryside. A collaborative weekend of inspiring speakers, hands-on workshops and insightful experiences where connections are sparked, inspiration ... Continue reading »


This September (15th - 17th), Offline Festival will bring together Community Businesses and individuals who want to explore and celebrate positive impact in their communities. Join us for a weekend of incredible speakers, hands-on workshops, campfire chats, yoga, music and an all-round sense of community.


The Charitable Guitar Workshop

A community based project to help people make and play their own guitars and ukuleles. It's primarily for people with special needs, but also for members of the local community who feel they can offer mutual well-being through making and playing guitars and ukeleles.  We cater for males and females, from young adults, to pensioners. The Nine Acre Drop-In began more than 10 years ago as a Drop-In for the mutual support of, & run by people who have experienced mental ill health. We meet on a Tuesday Morning between 10.30-12.30 occupying ourselves with arts & crafts activities & informal socialising. We do not have any regular funding, so we rely on donations & applying to organisations like yours for grants. In recent years we have begun customising & assembling Guitars & Ukuleles from kits. To help with integrating our members within the community we have had local residents who are either retired or unemployed join us & help to make the guitars & ukuleles. When the instruments are finished those who can play help those who can't to play & jam with each other. We have a wide range of members people who have had mental illness or special needs, ages 20-80, male & female, semi- professional musicians to complete novices.The customising & personalising of the guitars includes, carving the bodies in light relief, making & engraving pickguards & cover plates, painting, & embellishing with Tibetan silver charms, to produce a one of a kind instrument, for each person.The idea behind The Charitable Guitar Workshop is that a person who has suffered from a mental illness & has had their mental health stabilised can have a lot of time on their own. If they become bored then they can fall into the same rut that led them to become ill in the first place. Having too much time on their hands can also be a problem for retired people. If they have a guitar or ukulele, it will give them something to occupy their time playing. When made, they can practice playing during the week what they were shown on the previous Tuesday.

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Project Dirt at Seed Festival!

As part of Offline Festival Project Dirt is proud to be hosting a space at the innovative Seed Festival!  Seed, an ecology and arts festival in Stroud, exists to provide inspiring and engaging service through events, design, innovation and coaching.We will be bringing our community and community business focus to be part of Seed's ethos of "planting big ideas" If you attend, come and find us at the Roundhouse for a weekend of workshops and talks. It will be a yummy taster of what you can expect from Offline Festival! So if you haven't got any plans for the 7th - 9th of July yet, why not come and plant some big ideas with us?  




Offline Festival

16:00, Friday 15th September

Hosted by: Chloe Lyons

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Offline Festival