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Tatties the continuing journey

Posted by Castlemilk Day Nursery on July 27, 2017

We harvested our potato's on the 14th July and they have had 2 weeks to dry. Next week the children will be having a potato stall and selling the produce to help fund our next crops to plant in the "small fry patch".We have found the smallest and the largest potato we grew.  Continue reading »


A network of community projects located in Scotland

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Elphinstone Primary School Playground

Our small Primary School and Community Centre in Elphinstone shares a playground with stunning views out over the hills. However, there had never been any permanent play equipment for the kids so Elphinstone Primary School Parent Council decided to do something about this! We wanted to install a Trim Trail for the kids to get active in all weathers, some imaginative play equipment for the nursery children and some playground art that could be used for play but also for outdoor lessons. The school also wanted to improve the playground, tidying up overgrown areas, plant new trees and develop our vegetable and wild flower garden. We received funding from a number of places including Legacy 2014, Awards for All, The Daisy Chain Trust, Skipton Building Society's Grassroots Giving, Bank of Scotland Community Fund and Support from the Start. We also raised a large amount through our own fundraising including 5 Mums taking part in the Tough Mudder and the kids taking part in a gruelling 2 mile obstacle course along local bridleways. The kids were so proud of making it round the course and getting very muddy and wet in the process they are planning to make it an annual event!With funding in place we had to decide what items to choose and this was done mainly by the children. The Trim Trail was installed in April 2014 and the rest of the equipment in the Autumn term. Spring bulbs and new native hedgerow plants were planted before Christmas and plans are underway to plant seed to grow in our new vegetable and wildflower garden.

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Top Benefits of EDI and Solutions for Retailers and Distributors

Electronic data interchange, commonly abbreviated as EDI is the process in which companies make use of internet and the telecommunication technology in order to move data between organizations or within the various levels of the organization. It is done in a set and structured format therefore it can be easily retrieved using a computer. Since it makes the transfer of information from a computer program in one location to a computer program in a different location, without any manual intervention possible, it is a huge hit with most companies. Over the years more and more companies have adopted EDI and many are on their way already.Time savingThe work which used to take hours, weeks and even months manually, can now be done within minutes electronically. EDI works in real time and therefore, it ensures that every single action is performed and recorded in real time, thereby saving hours of slogging over records.Lower chances of errorsSince every action and transaction happens electronically, EDI helps in reducing errors immensely, thereby improving your company’s overall accuracy. Every time an information is manually copied or relayed from one place to another, there is always a chance of error. Electronic transfer eliminates the chances of human errors. Often it serves in saving the company from huge losses that a tiny error could have cost the organization.Cost effectiveThe most palpable change one sees when it comes to EDI implementation is the improved cost reduction. It is almost immediate and affects the company immensely. The moment you implement EDI, you save yourself the immense cost of thousands of tonnes of paperwork and human resources to update and maintain it. Moreover, it also saves the cost of data or information transfer, postage and freight charges, inventory costs, error losses etc. It also saves quite a lot on several other overheads and human resources such as mailroom sorting and circulation, manual reconciliation of documents, repeated keying of information etc.Higher employee satisfactionMost of your boring and redundant functions are performed by your EDI, leaving the brains of your organization to do the real work involving major decision making, actions and creations which let them make a real change. This gives them a chance to do the real and challenging work which ensures a higher job satisfaction among employees. Improved Customer ServiceSince all the information is available in real time, and it is invariably more accurate, the concerns and queries of the customers can be addressed and solved more effectively, and that too in a much lesser time, leading to higher customer satisfaction.Stronger Supplier RelationshipsOwing to electronic transfer of data in real time it is much easier to maintain a regular relationship with the suppliers, vendors and partners. It also lowers the risk of fraudulence owing to improved transparency.Eco friendlinessGoing paperless is a corporate social responsibility these days, owing to severe climate change and deforestation. EDI aids you to improve your business while helping the planet in the process.Picking the right EDI option is crucial as it is a major decision for your company. When it comes to picking your EDI integration software, choose one which is unique because it enables the automation of not just system-to-system and partner-to-system data flows, but also the more common human-to-system business processes where actual people need to interact with running data flows to view information, correct errors, and resubmit data if needed. It is important that you can automate data flows that generate EDI messages from internal data or process incoming EDI messages and integrate them with your internal applications and databases, improving process control.




Community Conversations - Glasgow

14:00, Tuesday 31st October

Hosted by: Jack Risa

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