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How Project Dirt works

Profile page (people)

When you join Project Dirt, you get your own Profile page. From here you can tell the community about yourself, add friends and engage with projects. Your activity feed keeps you in touch with everything going on around you.

Project page (groups)

Anyone can set up a project page whether it’s run mainly by you or by a larger group. From here you can invite your friends to join, arrange events, write journal posts about your activities and promote your photos. You can find and connect with other projects near you.

Cluster page (networks)

Clusters are networks of projects within the site. A cluster summarises all the activities taking place across an organisation on a single page. This gives you immediate answers to questions like: Who is involved? Which projects are being supported? What events are coming up across the network? What are the latest updates?

If you are interested in developing a cluster for your company or organisation, please contact us.

Event pages

Event pages represent events taking place within Project Dirt. They can be set up by individuals or linked to projects.


Journals allow an individual or project to blog about what they’ve been up to, to upload photos and videos, as well as documents.


Discussion Forums include resourcing opportunities as well as straight-forward advice.