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Zinnia Community Enterprise

Project location: London | Bromley | Orpington

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Created: Wednesday June 19, 2013

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Social Enterprise plant nursery developed to provide training, employment and volunteering opportunities to people who might otherwise find it difficult to find work or get support.  We welcome everyone.  We sell plants, run a food growing project and love horticulture, but you do not have to be interested in plants to join us.  We have lots of business volunteer roles, or come along if you just want to be part of a lovely volunteer team.

Typical things we do, grow plants from seed, clear our 1.5 acre site, grow fruit and vegetables and grow flowers for a cut garden. 

We are excited to be starting a community chicken project which will enable people to get involved in caring for chickens and benefitting from fresh eggs.

If you have ideas or something you'd really like to do then we will support you to make it happen.

Zinnia Community Enterprise

London | Bromley | Orpington


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