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Sticky Exhibits

Project location: North West | Cheshire | Chester

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Created: Tuesday May 6, 2014

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Sticky Exhibits is a voluntary not-for-profit organisation based in Chester specialising in creative resources and exhibits to engage people with environmental issues. Subject to time and resources we exhibit at events around Britain to help start conversations about sustainability.  We are working to create a 'library' of exhibits that can be hired on a not for profit basis by others  seeking to raise environmental awareness.  We think there are too few engaging resources around too many of which have been created for short-life locality- specific 'projects'.  We try to keep such resources in use and by doing so make them more widely available.  

Our latest project received funding from the Greggs Foundation.  This energy awareness project features an interactive model house. The model compares and contrasts a poorly insulated house and with an energy efficient one. We use a thermal imaging camera so people can see the difference.

Sticky Exhibits

North West | Cheshire | Chester