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Elphinstone Primary School Playground

Project location: Scotland | Lothians & the Scottish Borders

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Our small Primary School and Community Centre in Elphinstone shares a playground with stunning views out over the hills. However, there had never been any permanent play equipment for the kids so Elphinstone Primary School Parent Council decided to do something about this! We wanted to install a Trim Trail for the kids to get active in all weathers, some imaginative play equipment for the nursery children and some playground art that could be used for play but also for outdoor lessons. The school also wanted to improve the playground, tidying up overgrown areas, plant new trees and develop our vegetable and wild flower garden.

We received funding from a number of places including Legacy 2014, Awards for All, The Daisy Chain Trust, Skipton Building Society's Grassroots Giving, Bank of Scotland Community Fund and Support from the Start. We also raised a large amount through our own fundraising including 5 Mums taking part in the Tough Mudder and the kids taking part in a gruelling 2 mile obstacle course along local bridleways. The kids were so proud of making it round the course and getting very muddy and wet in the process they are planning to make it an annual event!

With funding in place we had to decide what items to choose and this was done mainly by the children. The Trim Trail was installed in April 2014 and the rest of the equipment in the Autumn term. Spring bulbs and new native hedgerow plants were planted before Christmas and plans are underway to plant seed to grow in our new vegetable and wildflower garden.

Elphinstone Primary School Playground

Scotland | Lothians & the Scottish Borders