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Delius Community Gardening Project

Project location: Yorkshire & Humber | West Yorkshire | Bradford

Part of the Clusters: Greener with Greggs | Greener with Greggs | Project Dirt

Type: Registered charity | @artworksbd1 #DeliusCommunityGarden

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Created: Wednesday August 24, 2016

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Artworks Creative Communities brings you the Delius Community Gardening Project. This project will develop the green space at the Delius Arts & Cultural Centre in Bradford city centre.

Having recently received funding from Greggs Foundation as part of their Environmental Grant, we are excited to begin working with the community to create a greener space. We plan on transforming the centre into a more ecological venue that generates a sense of pride and wellbeing for those involved in the project, and the people living and working in the area that pass by everyday.

We hope that we can set an example of how urban spaces can be used to positively enhance the community and to inspire other centres, businesses, and people to do the same.

Delius Community Gardening Project

Yorkshire & Humber | West Yorkshire | Bradford