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Walton Charity & Paragon Housing - Community Allotment / Garden

Project location: South East | Surrey | Walton-on-Thames

Part of the Clusters: Health & Wellbeing | Permaculture | Project Dirt

Type: Registered charity

Gardening Health & Wellbeing Permaculture Volunteering

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Created: Wednesday January 4, 2017

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Walton Charity and Paragon Housing have set up a community allotment, where people from different sections of our local community all work together. Whilst it is targeted at those who wouldn’t normally get involved in growing food, everybody's welcome to take part in growing and gardening, learning and developing hands on skills, and sharing the harvest.

Both amateur and experienced gardeners are welcome to attend and join in the fun.

Walton Charity & Paragon Housing - Community Allotment / Garden

South East | Surrey | Walton-on-Thames


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