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The Outdoor Adventure Club

Project location: Yorkshire & Humber | West Yorkshire | Keighley

Part of the Clusters: Project Dirt

Type: Social enterprise | @getoutmorecic

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Created: Monday March 20, 2017

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Get Out More's Outdoor Adventure Club has been shortlisted in the National Lottery and ITV's The People's Projects Competition.  The projects with the most votes will win up to £50,000 lottery funding.  We need YOUR vote!

The Outdoor Adventure Club is an exciting programme of outdoor activities for children and young people in Keighley.  It brings together children from Keighley's different communities to be active, make new friends and grow in confidence through connecting with nature.

To vote now, go to The People's Projects website and select the Outdoor Adventure Club.  You have one vote per email per ITV region.  Voting is open until 12 noon Monday 3 April.  Make sure you check your inbox and respond to the email link to verify your email address.

The Outdoor Adventure Club

Yorkshire & Humber | West Yorkshire | Keighley


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Project Dirt