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The Berry Maze

Project location: South West | Bristol

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Created: Monday April 10, 2017

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This is an unique project in the UK.

Beside the obvious scope of bringing together the residents by offering a space suitable for children play, organising treasure hunts, harvest day, etc, it could potentially become a tourist attraction, helping a struggling community hit hard by the local council cuts to thrive.

Already with three litter-picking events (a fourth one is on the way on the 10th of June), together with a handful of people, we managed to transform what used to be called "the tip" amongst the residents into a beautiful community space, where people come for a picnic rather than to dump their rubbish.

This is also democracy at its best - at the last event, local residents have voted for the best way to improve the park and building a berry maze was almost unanimously chosen. Bristol Parks have agreed to the idea, so now it has come to the point where we need to gather funds for the project.

What we'll deliver:

  • Plough & prepare the area for planting
  • Erect the structure - poles, wires, planters
  • Plant the various berries
  • Paint the concrete slab in the middle
  • Put the beaches on the slab in the middle of the maze
  • Lay paths with ornamental bark

The money from Greggs Foundation grant will be used to erect the structure: 

getting the wooden posts in the ground, tying the wire around
them (they provide the structure of the maze and the support for training the
plants), building the planters for the concrete slab in the middle of the
maze, filling them with gravel, top soil and compost. The work would be done
by volunteers, so the money would be used to buy the materials needed.

The Berry Maze

South West | Bristol