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Grow Chichester

Project location: South East | West Sussex | Chichester

Part of the Clusters: Greener with Greggs | Greener with Greggs | Project Dirt

Type: Informal community project

Education Food Gardening Health & Wellbeing Permaculture Transition Towns

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Created: Wednesday April 19, 2017

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Grow Chichester has set up and manages two community gardens and two community orchards intended for use by members of the local community. 

Free weekly therapeutic horticulture sessions led by a trained horticultural therapist are held for vulnerable groups such as the elderly and people with mental health issues.

At weekends the gardens are open for volunteers to work and harvest produce. Participants learn gardening skills and are educated in organic and permaculture principles. Visitors to the gardens are advised on growing vegetables and are encouraged by seeing what you can grow in a small space using organic principles, thus gaining the confidence to ‘grow their own’. The wider community benefits from the donation of surplus produce to local homeless organisations, refugee drop-in centres and food banks.

Grow Chichester

South East | West Sussex | Chichester