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Ambitious About Autism: TreeHouse School - Saplings Project

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TreeHouse School

Saplings is a TreeHouse School project. TreeHouse School, which is next door to the Saplings site, is a happy and vibrant community where children and young people with autism learn and flourish. We have places for 90 pupils with our youngest being 4 and our oldest being 19 years old. TreeHouse School provides children with the specialist, intensive and integrated support to enable them to learn, thrive and achieve.

Preparing our pupils for life after school is an important part of our work and we are delighted that Thames Water have leased us the Saplings space for 20 years to will help us achieve this aim.

Our Plans for Saplings

We will be creating a range of opportunities to extend the horticulture and ecology curriculum for our pupils. This will include creating vegetable and fruit growing areas in keeping with the adjacent allotments as well as learning woodland appreciation and management skills. We shall be making very effort to promote the biodiversity of the site and shall be taking an organic approach to our horticulture activities.

Ambitious About Autism: TreeHouse School - Saplings Project



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