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Veg Box Project

Project location: East | Cambridgeshire | Cambridge

Part of the Clusters: Greener with Greggs | Project Dirt

Type: Informal community project

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Created: Wednesday June 14, 2017

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We at Make Do and Mend have setup a workshop to reuse pallets in order to make ready-to-use raised beds for self-grown vegetables. The raised beds are to be supplied to companies, those in need and local community areas. They are installed and provided with compost and plants. This initiative will bring new empowering skills to our members (people experiencing mental health problems), promote healthy and sustainable food production and encourage residents in Cambridge to grow their own food. Guidance on permaculture and “How to’s” on constructing the raised beds will be provided through free access to our workshop to encourage users to maintain and create their own raised bed in future seasons.

We are grateful to the Greggs Foundation's Environmental Fund for supporting this project. We will be using their grant to publicise the Veg Box project in Cambridge, to help with the maintenance and running costs of our delivery van and to buy seeds and compost to fill the boxes in the year ahead.

Veg Box Project

East | Cambridgeshire | Cambridge