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Bat Community project - Ealing

Project location: London | Ealing | Hanwell

Part of the Clusters: Greener with Greggs | London | Project Dirt

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Volunteering Wildlife & Conservation

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Created: Wednesday August 23, 2017

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 Supported by Greggs Foundation Environmental Grant #GreenerwithGreggs

The Ealing area has relatively few Bat records compared with other areas of London (London Bat Atlas, 2014). This project will raise awareness of the ecosystems supporting bats locally, provide more specific habitat for bats such as ponds, perform surveys to help understand the distribution and abundance of bat species in Ealing, and publicise ideas to the community for supporting wildlife in gardens.

Bats are a valuable indicator species for general biodiversity and habitat health. They are also a much misunderstood and often feared group of animals. We hope that by demystifying them and engaging with the community on how important they really are we can foster a love of wildlife in the next generation which is crucial for nature conservation as we become more and more detached from nature, especially in London.

Bat Community project - Ealing

London | Ealing | Hanwell


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