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Ley Hill Park

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Ley Hill Prk is located in Bartley Green Birmingham a deprived area of the city.

The Friends of Ley Hill park are a group of local resident volunteers who work with local schools, local wildlife charities (BBCWT, TCV, Urban Buzz) and Birmingham Council to improve public access to the park and make it environmentally attractive for plants, trees and wild life.

We do this by having open to all, widely advertised. Weekend Conservation workdays and weekday work hours (Every thursday 10.30 meet at the car park)  spread across the year. We plant trees, wildflower meadows, hedgerows, and woodland plants. We build nest boxes and bug hotels. We carry out bramble clearance, tree pruning, hedge building, water quality testing and litter picks and so much more.

Activities carried out on this project.......

Prepare the ground for planting by local residents working with the council.

Planting of trees and whips involving local school children and volunteers in the planting.

Follow up pick/juice/ advertise + a tree trail

The fruit trees will give blossom for bees and insects and the fruit will form a source of good quality fruit for local people to collect for free, and food for birds and insects.

The hedgerow will after a few years form a green corridor protecting small mammals and insects and with management from the friends form a natural barrier and habitat.

Both will enrich the visitor experience and form an important step along our vision of a family friendly and environmentally sensitive park

October 17  update.

The project is progressing nicely. We have ordered the trees and are awaiting delivery in November, Its all very exciting but we cannot do much else at the moment until they arrive. We have tried to choose species that are wildlife friendly as well as doing the job of providing lovely fruit or an exciting new hedge.

Ley Hill Park

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