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Brixton Orchard Monthly Workshop: Protecting Trees for winter and Planting Bulbs!

Project location: London | Lambeth | Brixton

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The Brixton Orchard is a community project which aims to encourage more people to interact with and learn about the natural world on their doorstep - even in the unlikeliest of places, at one of London’s busiest junctions!

On the last Saturday of each month we hold a free public workshop. The upcoming event will be:

21st of October Preparing Fruit Trees for Winter and Planting Bulbs
Join us to put grease guards on the fruit trees to stop pests climbing up and damaging the trees

We will also explore the importance to the placement of the fruit trees, the use of mulch, planting of companion plants at near the trees and the various ecoligical activities around the site.

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Extra info:

Maintaining this green oasis involves a range of tasks, suitable for a wide range of participants, offering the chance to learn new skills and knowledge in:

- Caring for fruit trees in a range of sizes including mulching and watering them (learn how to get fruit trees off to the best start)

- Caring for young edible hedgerow plants (learn about native British plants that provide food for humans and animals alike)

All welcome! Join us on Thursday afternoons (2 - 4pm) tickets are available here

For groups over 5 people, please schedule your arrival and discuss your group’s priorities and abilities with us in advance.

Please wear clothing appropriate for the weather and if it's hot consider wearing a hat and sunglasses and bringing suncream and a drink (although there is a cafe just across the road.)

We will supply all tools required, including gloves, but if you have your own please do bring them along.

We start our morning at Pop Farm in Pop Brixton for our urban gardening/farming session at 10am. Feel free to join us by getting tickets here

For more information, please contact us at:

[email protected]

Seb at 07715656665

Kevin at 07841356161

with questions

Brixton Orchard Monthly Workshop: Protecting Trees for winter and Planting Bulbs!

London | Lambeth | Brixton