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Pop Farm Urban Gardening weekly workshop

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Join us at Pop Farm an urban garden sitting in central Brixton. Starting at 10am we will be gardening on site, tending to our edible and ornamental sections of the site.

Maintaining this green oasis involves a range of tasks, suitable for a wide range of participants, offering the chance to learn new skills and knowledge in:

- Caring for edible plants from seed sowing, pricking out, planting out and harvesting

- Caring for ornamental plants

-Taking cuttings

All welcome! Join us on Thursday mornings (10am - 12pm)

Get Tickets here: Pop Farm Urban Gardening Tickets

Extra info:

For groups over 5 people, please schedule your arrival and discuss your group’s priorities and abilities with us in advance.

Please wear clothing appropriate for the weather and if it's hot consider wearing a hat and sunglasses and bringing suncream and a drink

We will supply all tools required, including gloves

Pop Farm in Pop Brixton

We have all kinds of interesting plants growing including African Blue Basil, Black Krim Tomatos, Palm trees, Amalanchier and Lomquats.

Pop Farm Urban Garden

In the afternoon our team moves on to difference sites. Feel free to join us after lunch at the Brixton Orchard from 2pm-4pm. Get tickets here

Pop Farm Urban Gardening weekly workshop

London | Lambeth | Brixton


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