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Wildflower Meadow

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We are creating a large wildflower meadow in our school grounds.  This will link in with the conservation we already do and the Forest School that runs every day rain or shine.

We have a mound of grass that is unused by the children due to one steep side which has bushes and two trees on it.  We will be keeping the silver birch trees and half of the hawthorn bushes (for the birds).  We plan to make grass pathways throughout and pockets of grassed areas so the children can be inside of the meadow not just looking in.

The work is due to start week end of February and we are all very excited to see the flowers spring from the dirt in May/June.

We are going to get the children involved too spreading some seeds and also the onsite nursery children too.


March 2018 - the lines were marked to show just how amazing the 3 circles of internal space will be once the flowers were up.

April 2018 - see photo, the ground has been rotivated and millions of flower seeds have been scattered!!  How long will we have to wait to see the shoots???

Wildflower Meadow

West Midlands | Warwickshire | Coventry


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