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CEED - Gardening Skills for Young People

Project location: North East | Sunderland

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Volunteering opportunities for young people, aged 11 to 16 years, to improve the physical environment of Roker Park, through activities including vegetation management and plant propagation.

Young people will be taught a range of practical skills, providing them with a wide variety of skills and knowledge.

CEED is delivering this project in partnership with Sunderland Community Action Group. 

Tasks to be undertaken by the young people will include:

Tree and shrub areas and herbaceous planting – pruning, felling.

Formal flower beds – planting and weeding.

Propagation – alongside sowing seeds and planting new bulbs and plants, participants will look to make the most of the parks resources by potting up and relocating seedlings; dividing plants; taking cuttings.

Conservation areas – vegetation management, growing native wildflowers.

The young people will play an important role in project planning and will be actively encouraged to identify and to suggest new work areas and different skills to learn.

The project is about improving environments for local communities and allowing participants to actively bring about positive change.

It is an accepted fact that being in a greenspace can improve wellbeing and quality of life. Taking part in activities in green spaces helps physical and mental health because it enables people to relax away from noise and stress, exercise at their own pace and connect with nature. All these benefits apply just as much to young people as they do to adults. Encouraging outdoor activity, encouraging team work and social interaction will all contribute to building self-confidence and sense of worth.

Through the sessions the young people will be enhancing local greenspaces – helping to improve and protect greenspaces for the wider community.

CEED - Gardening Skills for Young People

North East | Sunderland


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