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Pendower Eco Garden

Project location: North East | Tyne & Wear | Newcastle

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The Pendower Eco Garden project is about involving the community in helping to create an area for wildlife within an urban housing estate and to encourage children & young people to explore the natural environment and learn how to look after it.

The project is run by Pendower Good Neighbour Project who have been supporting residents of Pendower Estate since 1998.

We are creating an Eco Garden on land adjacent to our centre - a garden which has a wilder, less formal feel which is better for wildlife and for children to experience natural play. We will involve our after-school groups in lots of activities to improve the garden for wildlife – planting wildflowers, herbs, bee & butterfly friendly plants, fruit trees & bushes and building bug hotels, nest boxes and a bird feeding area. We will use recycled materials where we can eg pallets & tyres and use our own willow to create living willow structures for creative wild play.

Pendower Eco Garden

North East | Tyne & Wear | Newcastle


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Project Dirt

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