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Pond restoration - Stour Valley Local Nature Reserve

Project location: South West | Dorset | Bournemouth

Part of the Clusters: Greener with Greggs | Project Dirt

Type: Informal community project

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Created: Wednesday June 6, 2018

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Pond dipping is a great outdoor activity that really connects young people with nature and their environment. Restoring this pond not only will benefit the local community by providing a larger, safer site to undertake several different activities, but also the wildlife that inhabits it.

Currently overgrown trees and scrub have created extreme shading, reducing any chance for aquatic plant growth within the pond, water drains off every spring/summer making it unsuitable for wildlife such as newts and frogs to reproduce in. During the winter the water floods over the platform because of sediment build up.

This project will allow wildlife to recolonise, increase the local biodiversity by providing a sustainable breeding site for amphibians and the perimeter fence will also ensure a dog-free zone. Planting a native hedge along one edge will add yet more shelter and potential nesting sites for birds in the future. In addition we can use this pond for educational purposes for schools and other extra curricular groups to study food chains, aquatic life and benefits of creating habitats for wildlife. 

All of which is made possible through the #GreenerwithGreggs fund.

Pond restoration - Stour Valley Local Nature Reserve

South West | Dorset | Bournemouth