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Improving the Gardening Area at St. Andrew's CofE Primary School

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This project will make the existing school garden area an accessible, fun learning environment. We would like our children to learn the process of growing food, recycling, sustainable living and how to look after both plants and equipment. Our catchment is urban and many children do not have access to outside space at home. All 240 children at the school have the opportunity to become involved in the school gardening through clubs and as part of the curriculum. In particular we are reaching out to children who have additional challenges such as young carers. We would like to remove the existing shed which is unsafe for children to use, and replace it with a durable shed with water butts where children can have responsibility for finding and storing the equipment they need. The gardening club needs new watering cans, wheel barrows, a bay tree, seeds and a large planter. Pupils, families and the wider community would be invited to work together to set up the new shed and to be involved in planting and caring for the garden.

Improving the Gardening Area at St. Andrew's CofE Primary School

South East | Oxfordshire | Oxford


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