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Luxmihari Healing

Project location: London | Merton | Colliers Wood

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Created: Thursday January 13, 2011

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We have been a welcoming centre for holistic, ecologically guided, scientifically based flotation healing for the past 30 years.


Due to circumstances we are currently not fully functioning but aim to reorganise and grow with the help of voluntary involvement over the next six months.


By volunteering you could be participating directly in an empathic and integrative vision to transform mind, body, spirit and community.


If you volunteer you will have access to the full flotation healing process and gain valuable insight into becoming a cooperative franchise of your own.


The gentle process of flotation therapy will develop knowledge and experience giving the dedicated person the ability to offer healing to those trapped by disease.


Our flotation therapy methodology enables pain to be overcome, gradually establishing ease in all aspects of one’s whole being.


The range of duties required vary from,planning, fundraising, administration, research, building work, horticultural/growing skills, as well as applying specific expertise in areas such as permaculture.


Other ambitions are to create educational resources and online video and radio channels.


Most of all we aim to help the vulnerable and address the issues of their lives, entitling them to possibilities of fulfilment, satisfaction and contentment in self-sufficiency and independence.


Please contact us personally if you would like to get involved or look on the volunteering section for specific work days.


Luxmihari Healing

London | Merton | Colliers Wood