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Windsor Well-beeing

Project location: North West | Merseyside | Liverpool

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Type: Informal community project

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Created: Thursday April 12, 2012

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Windsor Well-bee-ing Project

Sept-March 2012


Bees are an interesting metaphor for a community working together in an equal, well and green way. The social life of the honey bee colony provides a fascinating starting point to thinking about societal structures and social inclusion. Bees are very much in the current global consciousness right now – as the bee population has been declining – which affects humans greatly as they pollinate one third of all our food crops.

Squash Nutrition are working with Windsor Street community of Toxteth to learn more about the secret life of bees. The project provided the opportunity for residents to learn about this incredible, largely hidden community living right on their doorstep.

For the Windsor Well-beeing project visual artist Tania Oakshott has led a series of 8 sessions supporting local members of the community in creating large bee-space art-works that respond to the local environment. These sessions have included photography, image transfer and appliqué. These sessions have taken place at John Archer Hall and have been attended by a diverse range of participants from the L8 area.


Garden Artist Alice Kuchemann and local performance poet Curtis Watt worked with the pupils from two local primary schools, St Patricks and St Silas, to explore bee themes, such as living together and journeys.

While Dance teacher Leila Chebbi and textile artist Tammy Seibold worked with pupils from Windsor Street school to create bee costumes and bee influenced dance moves before taking part in a Bee Parade in the local community on Wednesday 18th April.

Windsor Well-beeing

North West | Merseyside | Liverpool


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