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Battersea Flower Station - new urban garden centre for SW London

Project location: London | Wandsworth | Battersea

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Type: Community Interest Company | @battflowerstati

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Created: Wednesday December 12, 2012

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An independent, self funded urban garden centre for SW London set up by a small team with a dream to create a place of magic and beauty on a disused strip of land along the railway track in Battersea.


Open 7 days a week.


We're supplying from as many local independent people as possible... We offer plants, shrubs, garden tools, compost and gardening goods. We offer free advice and garden consultations, a window box planting service, and free local delivery. We have a resident florist, and even resident chickens.

Our tin shed gift 'shop' offers an array of locally sourced goods - tea-towels from Walthamstow, home made soap and candles from Crouch End, home made jams and chutneys, and much more. Our site was transformed by a set designer from Battersea Arts Centre.


We are looking to source from as many local craftspeople as we can find.


We are also really interested in talking to green fingered people, young and old, who'd like to work for us, whether that's a couple of hours or a couple of days a week (we have no idea how many people we need yet and imagine it'll get pretty quite after Christmas).


And we're really interested in meeting lots of other kinds of people that we haven't even thought of yet, so please do come see our piece of magic, or get in touch.


See for our vision and ethos.

And for photos and amazing feedback we've received already see

We're very new to twitter so bear with us!

Battersea Flower Station - new urban garden centre for SW London

London | Wandsworth | Battersea