Stone Age and Dig for Victory (WWII) Garden Volunteers

16 Jan, 2018 15:46
Hi all!

Gunnersbury ( is looking for Volunteers.will have an exciting opportunity to meet new people, learn new gardening skills and to help grow our historically themed Stone Age and Dig for Victory gardens in a really hands-on capacity. These volunteers will learn about growing and farming in the Stone Age and in WWII home gardens, supported by our highly skilled Head Gardener. This is a lovely opportunity to connect with nature in a chemical free environment and to grow historically themed gardens in Gunnersbury's beautiful walled garden. Volunteers have been developing the site since 2012 and are essential to maintaining the garden as an invaluable resource for our Learning programme. Any vegetables grown by the volunteers get shared out between the team to be taken home!

This role is very hands on and may involve light manual labour (e.g turning over soil, planting etc). This is optional, please make us aware in your application process if you would prefer not to, so that we can adjust your tasks accordingly. This role will also involve spending time in all weather and temperatures as you will be based outside.

Volunteers will be responsible for growing and maintaining our Stone Age and WWII Dig for Victory gardens, both of which are an invaluable resource used in our school sessions. These garden sessions allow local children of all ages and abilities to engage with nature and spend time outside, a rare experience in London! Without volunteers, we would not be able to provide this wonderful resource for schools and for members of our community to enjoy.

Email [email protected] if you're interested!