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Whistlewood Common

Project location: East Midlands | Derbyshire | Derby

Part of the Clusters: Grassroots Giving | Project Dirt

Type: Co-operative | @ediblewoods

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Created: Monday August 5, 2013

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Whistlewood Common is a project to create a new type of edible and productive community woodland.  In just over 12 months volunteers have planted thousands of trees, orchards, forest gardens, coppice, craft materials, perennials and other useful community resources.  We aim to demonstrate that community woodlands can be highly productive spaces.  We also run courses in sustainability and hold green events.  Anyone can hire the space, including yurt, for an outdoor camping or party experience.  The site is a ten acre greenfield site in the National Forest in South Derbyshire (formerly common land until 1791).  The plans have so impressed the National Forest Company that they backed the land purchase with an offer of over £50,000.  The project is truly community-owned (via community shares) and entirely volunteer run. 

Whistlewood Common

East Midlands | Derbyshire | Derby