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Kentish Town City Farm

Project location: London | Camden | Gospel Oak

Part of the Clusters: Camden | London Permaculture Network | Project Dirt

Type: Registered charity | @KTCityFarm

Education Gardening

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Created: Friday December 6, 2013

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Kentish Town City Farm was the first City Farm to be set up in the UK in 1972.  The primary aim of the farm is to address the educational, therapeutic and recreational needs of local people with a special emphasis being placed on children and young people coming from economic or socially disadvantaged backgrounds and people with special needs.  Children, young people and adults are actively encouraged to participate in all aspects of animal care, from mucking out to helping with feeds;  gardening,  from growing your own vegetables to cooking them; and to develop a respect for nature, for themselves, other people and the wider world around us. Located amidst dense local authority housing in North London the Farm covers four and half acres. For most local people it offers an opportunity to escape the pressures of city life. The Farm has a classroom, under 5's activity room, a training room, fitted kitchen, stables, gardens, wildlife pond, OAP allotments and seating areas. It also has disabled access including hard paths and decks throughout. The farm has a stock of chickens, cows, ducks, geese, goats, horses, pigs and sheep. 

Kentish Town City Farm

London | Camden | Gospel Oak