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Organic growing in hard places

Global Generation's home base, is the Kings Cross Skip Garden, an organic vegetable garden with a twist - it’s moveable. What was an old bus car park; is now an urban oasis the middle of one of the biggest development sites in Europe.

As different areas in King's Cross are developed the skips move to new locations continue to produce their harvest and we're currently in our third location.

We enjoy the challenge of gardening in hard places and have instigated a network of rooftop and ground level food growing spaces in and around Kings Cross.

The Kings Cross Skip Garden is largely self sustaining, thanks to a full complement of organic gardening practices;

  • aerobic and worm composting
  • comfrey juice
  • companion and rotational planting
  • rain water harvesting and
  • bee hives (in collaboration with Urban Bees).

Much of the food we produce is used in our Skip Garden Kitchen and Cafe.

A garden of a thousand hands…

More than a thousand hands have created the elements of the garden through a workshop process involving young people working alongside the construction and office workers who regularly attend our bi-weekly twilight gardening sessions.

The Skip Garden Kitchen...

Come along to enjoy a relaxing hour or so amongst the plants, see what's growing, and taste some of our own organic produce. On colder days take shelter in our cosy yurt with a wood burning stove.

We serve a selection of homemade cakes and snacks, hearty soups, and lunch specials, plus great filter coffee, and a big range of teas and cold drinks.

Wherever possible we use homegrown Skip Garden-harvested produce in our cooking - few cafes can boast of such seriously fresh and just-picked organic salads!

Opening hours

The Kings Cross Skip Garden is open Tuesdays to Saturdays. Tours run from regularly from the Kings Cross Visitors Centre.

Skip Garden

London | Camden | Kings Cross


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