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Loughborough Farm

Project location: London | Lambeth | Loughborough Junction

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The Loughborough Farm is a community food growing project in Loughborough Junction.

The Loughborough Farm aims to build up a network of growing spaces around Loughborough Junction on pieces of land that are currently derelict or underused. We produce food for local consumption and sale throughout the year. Our volunteers all take a bag home with them at the end of a session.

We grow food collectively rather than people having individual plots.  We provide both hands on training as well as special training sessions in key gardening skills.

Our main site is in Loughborough Junction, opposite Wyck Gardens, SW9 7EL.

We also planted a community orchard in Wyck Gardens and have helped start other growing spaces in the local community.

As a volunteer you can help on a drop-in basis or more regularly.If you want to make a regular commitment, think about becoming a Grow Leader.

The project’s main focus is on food growing, but there are opportunities to help with other aspects such as DIY, arts and crafts, cooking, community events, selling and planning. 

You will get the opportunity to learn new skills, free training sessions, a portion of food grown, the opportunity to meet other local people and benefit your local community.

At the moment our sessions are on Saturdays from 1pm to 3pm and Tuesdays 1-3pm.These times might change in the future so best to double check before coming down. We are currently running a community cafe opposite the Farm on Thursdays and Fridays 11 - 3pm. (Summer 2017)

If you want to find out more or sign up to our email newsletter please email [email protected]

Loughborough Farm

London | Lambeth | Loughborough Junction


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