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Cecil Sharp House Permaculture Garden

Project location: London | Camden | Camden Town

Part of the Clusters: Camden | London Permaculture Network | Project Dirt

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Gardening Music & Arts Permaculture Volunteering Wildlife & Conservation

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Created: Tuesday June 14, 2016

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Cecil Sharp House Permaculture Garden is a decorative, ecological, edible and low maintenance garden which has been inspired by the old folk adage: one for the birds, one for the bugs and one for me which chimes well with the permaculture ethos of earth care, people care, fair shares.

It is based on working with the soil-food-web, wildlife and plants as co-gardeners to maintain health and fertility. In keeping with our folk and permaculture ethos we showcase apple trees (central to the English folk tradition), and a majority of edible (mainly perennial) plants.

We are in the process of becoming a permaculture LAND Project maintained by Permablitz London.

Cecil Sharp House Permaculture Garden

London | Camden | Camden Town