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The Lake Project

Project location: East | Essex | Basildon

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Created: Friday July 28, 2017

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Our current project is the refurbishment and improvement of the lake and its surroundings, in our local park. We plan to encourage more wildlife, help visitors understand the importance of biodiversity and involve more people to be actively involved in the care and maintenance of the park for the benefit of the community.

This part of our project has involved deciding what to do to improve a run-down area of bank. We then designed an area of ornamental grasses, with rocks, researching the best materials and plants by seeking expert advice, researching and designing an interpretation board, and liaising with the Parks Department. With their help we prepared the area, positioned the rocks and pebbles and planted the grasses. Then we installed the new interpretive water bird board.

The Lake Project

East | Essex | Basildon


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