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Offline Festival

Project location: South East | Buckinghamshire | Milton Keynes

Part of the Clusters: Project Dirt

Type: Community Business | #Offline17

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Created: Tuesday August 15, 2017

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Project Dirt, in collaboration with Power to Change and The Eden Project Communities, are gathering community businesses, social enterprises, community projects, socially responsible corporate partners, friends and family at the beautiful Hounslow Hall Estate, Buckinghamshire.

Join us for an unconference in the countryside.

A unique festival experience, Offline brings three days of hands-on learning, business skill-building, and insightful discussions. Alongside epic stories, personal growth sessions, the chance to connect with like-minded individuals and explore the power of creating impact through community and business. Log off from your daily routine and check-in to a fun festival setting that nurtures your creativity and wellbeing!

Offline Festival

South East | Buckinghamshire | Milton Keynes


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Project Dirt