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OASIS - Flowers for Life Project

Project location: East Midlands | Nottinghamshire | Retford

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Type: Community Business

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Created: Friday December 8, 2017

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We have just been awarded a Greggs Environmental grant for our 'Flowers for Life' project which is amazing.  We are really excited to get this grant funding which will enable us to do so much in the coming seasons with people of all ages from the Kilton and Worksop Community. 

Our project uses growing cut flowers and using them in educational, therapeutic and artistic ways.....

We teach people how to grow flowers from seed, bulb, corms, propagation or planting.  

We use them in educational ways teaching gardening and growing skills with all ages especially with teaching employment skills to unemployed.  

We use them in therapeutic ways with people with special needs and disabilities.  

We use them with children and young people through our Nature Quest, Treasured Kids and Oasis Kids Projects.  

We use them with elderly through our dementia and older peoples programmes.  

We use them in artistic ways in teaching floristry and creating special occasion flowers.

We also use them in our arts and crafts for Life programme creating arrangements, dried flower items, pressed flowers and also as subjects for paintings and artwork.

We sell flowers, and flower arrangements, seeds, plants, artwork and craftwork.

We are so grateful to Greggs for this grant and will have great fun using it to progress this beautiful and powerful project.

OASIS - Flowers for Life Project

East Midlands | Nottinghamshire | Retford


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